Monday, 7 August 2017

My canada trip

Day 1.
Wow got to canada in 24 hours I can’t believe we are really here.The plane was so long
and when we got there all I did was eat paster with grated cheese for dinner and then went to bed.

Day 2.
Today we went to the beach and went out on the kayaks, cooked sausages on the fire, went for a swim in the sea and roasted marshmallows.After that we went home and had dinner.Then we went to bed in the tent.

Day 3.
Today was one of the most boring days of my life all the parents went out on a sailboat but Grace, Daisy , Molly, Amelia and me all had to stay home and Amelia had to babysit us at their house for the whole day.Meanwhile the  parents were having fun we were getting babysat which was not fun at all but we just had to deal with it.

Day 4.
Today we stayed at home all day and me and molly made a movie night sort of thing and we made everybody come down to the lounge and watch a movie.In the lounge we put lollipops, popcorn, fruit, water, orange juice, wine, beer and lemonade.

Day 5.
Today we went to campbell river and looked at all of these amazing wood carving.My favorite wood carving was the two owls sitting beside each second favorite carving was this big cow that you could sit in.

Day 6.
Today amelia, grace and daisy all went to the hairdressers to get amelia's hair done which I assume would have been boring.At home the dad’s went beer shopping and Molly, Joy, Mum and Me all went into town and went to a food store and a little gift store.At the gift store I got a big red bag.

Day 7.
Today we went shopping in a big shopping mall and I got some clothes, Molly got some shoes, Mum got a top, Grace got a phone case and a book and daisy got a book and a jumpsuit.It was really really really fun.

Day 8.
Today we stayed at home all day and we were trying to be lazy but then my Mum asked me and Molly to stack the wood which was boring but I guess it was worth it because we got 5 dollars.Mum did not even think of asking Daisy and Grace to help.

Day 9.
Today we were packing for the amazing victoria.We were going to stay there a week so we were going to need a lot of clothes I thought but half of the clothes that i brought I did not even wear.

Day 10.
Today we travelled to victoria it took about 3 hours to get there.When we got there we went shopping a bit.Then we went back to our hotel and had some dinner and went of the bed.

Day 11.
Today we went shopping in victoria and i got some of my friends gifts.We also went to the sweets shop and brought a whole lot a yummy yummy sweets.( which we do not get at home).

Day 12.
Today we went shopping again and I got a denim skirt, a top and a sweatshirt.After shopping we had some lunch and then went shopping again.Then we got some ice cream and Daisy, Grace and the mum’s went shopping for other stuff and Molly, Me and the dads went back to the hotel and when we got there My Dad and Molly's Dad went to sleep #big time#.

Day 13.
Today we went to chinatown it was really really fun and cool.There were a whole lot of cool shops selling china stuff it was really fun.
Day 14.
Today we stayed at home all day and played together and then we went to the beach and there was a sand bank.

Day 15.
Today we stayed at home again but then the mums went into town and came back with a whole lot of food.

Day 16.
Today we stayed at home and Molly was feeling sick and I was bored out of my mind because I had noone to play with and grace was being mean.


Today we were leaving and it was very very sad and all I could think about was them. On the plane I slept for 8 hours and when I woke up they were serving breakfast.When we got back home I went straight to bed without any dinner.