Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Can the ref always be right.

Can the ref always be right? Well know the ref can’t always be right, I mean the ref is the person who is on the sideline to tell you if you win or lose, but sometimes the ref does not make the right call and people get angry. For an example at one of my hockey games the ref did not make the right call when we got a goal the ref said “that the goal was not counted” and that made my team angry.

If you think about it the ref has to be fair to both teams even if he is reffing the team that he wants to win but the ref still has to play by the rules.But you can’t give the ref at hard time about it, the ref can’t always make the right call like at school we watched videos of refs makes bad calls and they got given a really hard time about it.Most people just don’t see that the ref has a lot to think about like if he is making the right call at the right time and if he is being fair, so why give the ref such a hard time.Well some people say “that the ref always has to make the right decision or he should go back to school and learn how to be a proper ref.

I don’t see it that way, sure at some of my sports the ref didn't make the right call. But just think if you were the ref and how hard it would really be? If people saw it that way then I think a lot more people would not be so hard on refs the accidentally made the wrong call.Just think have you ever been a ref before, do you know how hard it is to run a sports game?. Sometimes it is the fact the some world cups don’t have cameras to prove if the ref made the right call or not. Like the soccer world cup they did not have any camera and the ref  accidentally made the wrong call and got sacked for it, and I really don’t think that is fair.Sometimes it is the parents on the sideline shouting “good work” to there kids, that gets the ref side tracked and doesn't see the foul or misses something really important.

So in conclusion I think if ref accidentally make a bad call they shouldn't get sacked for it because the refs make the game happen. Without the ref you would not be able to play.