Thursday, 31 May 2018


Chapter One
The Big Surprise

I was sitting on my bed reading a book when my little brother ran into my room with my Mum following
closely behind him. Before my Mum could say anything, my brother blurted out:
“lris we’re going on holiday!”
I can't believe it I thought. “Mum” I said “Are we really going on holiday?”
This is going to be the best I thought again.
“Yes lris we really are going on holiday your brother is not lying!”
“Wow I have so many questions to ask!” I practically scream.
“Well, save those questions till later,  grab your bag and start packing!” Mum said in a hurry.
“What, when are we going?” my brother exclaimed.
“We are going tomorrow morning so start packing, stop wasting time!”
I scramble off my bed and pull out my favorite bag and
start grabbing my clothes out of my dresser, stuffing them furiously in.
Mum was in the kitchen trying to make us eat everything for lunch (she doesn't like to waste food).

As I run out of my room the next morning,
Mum had made us eggs on toast for breakfast and I gobbled them down eagerly.
Once I’d finished, I asked Mum where we were going and the answer was...
“NEW YORK!” Really! Mum are we actually going to New York.
My brother had only just woken up as normal and was jumping up and
down the hallway with his bag in his hand.
Once he had finished his breakfast we all jumped into the car and drove to the airport.                                          
I had never been on a plane before and I had never slept in a hotel either.
This was going to be great.
As normal my little brother was being annoying and asking for everything he wanted.
Shouldn't he just be happy that we are going on holiday? I thought as we pulled up at the airport at 7.00 am.
As we unloaded all of the bags and went through security,
I realised that this was going to be my first time on a plane and
I was a bit scared and it was also it was my first time staying in a hotel.
This was going to be the best holiday ever! Me and my brother were looking
out of the airport window watching planes takeoff and land. Once we got our bags back
we walked down this long corridor to our plane.
As normal, my brother was complaining about walking down to the plane.
As we entered the plane, we gave our passports to the people standing at the front then we took our seat.
Me and my brother both wanted to have the window seat, but my Mum said
I could have it for take off and my brother could have it for landing.
My brother plugged down beside me and gave a look that meant
(why did you have to take my seat) but I paid no attention to him and tried to concentrate on the take off.
My Mum said we could order a snack before take off
so we could eat before we go to sleep as we have to fly over night.
As We woke up we got handed breakfast and we eat it happily, for breakfast
we had toast and yogurt it was really good. As good as breakfast was
my little brother was impatient so we had to switch seats so he could be in the window seat for the landing
. As for my Mum she was just glad that we were landing soon because
she was getting really annoyed at my little brother as he was always complaining.
As we arrived in New York we jumped out of the plane and gazed around at the beautiful scenery,
ran up to Mum and gave her a big huge
“ Wow Mum this is the best place in the world” Me and my brother practically screamed together.
Mum was amazed to see us work so well together
“Well” said Mum “ we better get a taxi to the hotel the adventure is not over yet”.
More I thought with amazement how could this get any better.
“Mum I’m hungry can we get a burger oh and go to the movies oh and maybe…”  I interrupted him
“ Well maybe we can let mum chose were we go and if we even go anywhere”
I said giving my brother a death sare
“ So lirs where do you want to go for lunch” Mum said looking at me.
“ Well we could go to the pizza place”
thanks Mum for those I look at my brother as he sinks into the taxi seat.

“ Mum why do we have to stay at a hotel why do we have to get pizza.

TO BE CONTINUED...............

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


We sat there in the dark, water beneath my feet. My tight wetsuit and my soaking socks making me colder. Listening to Mr S-W telling a story. I sit there shivering waiting for when we can move on. I felt as though I was just to collapse right there and then but the freezing cold water and the urge to get out to eat and drink kept me going. Some people say that there are spiders and eels but I did not see any of those. So many waterfalls one after another the stronger current that push us back but we had to keep fighting.

 At the start, I was talking to Mr S-W and telling him all about what my sister, Grace had told me.Halfway through the cave to was thinking can't it all just stop why did we have to come through this silly cave any why then I through if Grace can do it anyone can do it.

All the different holes in the cave walls made me wonder what was the cave even made out of. At the start, Mr S-W said that it was made out of limestone but I was'ent so sure. As the end crept closer I felt the presser that no one whats to fell. I am scared of heights which did not help me at the end as we had to climb up the side of the cave only holding on to some metal bars and a chain.But I just had to keep on going because there was no escape. Finally, I could see the broad daylight as we exit the cave.

 The greatest experience of all time I thought to myself as we walked back to the cars. So go forward a be fierce and don't let a spider or and eel hold you back, get out there to cave stream and have the time of your life.