Thursday, 19 October 2017


Today at school we were studying about how NZ became nuclear free so this is my article.

The Nuclear free policy of NZ is an important one although being close allies with the US and their Nuclear based military and Nuclear powered warships means that NZ is protected by a nuclear umbrella.The New Zealand nuclear-free zone was created in July 1987 by David Lange prime minister of the time. meaning that NZ owned sea, land and airspace are nuclear-free since then and has because part of our foreign policy. That's why we don’t get visited by massive Us naval warships. The last one we were ever visited by was in last November 2016.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Length conversions 2


For School we are studying about the Haast to Holford road. I do not think what I have written but we had to do it.

To build the road it would cost 250 million dollars and people would also have to pay to use it. Some people say that if they build the road then the attraction will go down because there will be rubbish everywhere and it will be used to much. But then other people say build the road it will make the attraction better cause it will get used more and south island will have more tourists.To get to the park now it is 136km but if they build the new road it is approximately only going to be 98 km.But I would like to road to get build so a lot more people can enjoy the wonderful scenery.Also some people think it talks to long to get there so they don’t even bother going because it is a too long drive.I think that if you build the road then more people will come and enjoy it then they will go and tell friends and then there friends will go and tell friends then there will be a lot more people there than there are today.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Rainbow worrior

At school we are doing studies on the rainbow worroir. I am writing from the prospective of the Greenpeace.

10 july 1985                                                                                  

I was watching the news last night when the top story came on, headline ‘Rainbow warrior bombed in auckland harbor’ the footage was devastating, there was a big explosion and then you could see the boat slowly sinking. I immediately jumped onto my computer and opened up email. I composed the an email to the director of greenpeace:
Dear Director
I just heard the news, has the rainbow warrior really been bombed? I have many questions such as who was killed? who did it? was it the french government? I would like to meet up in person .
Jacob spears

Since that event nz has been nuclear free.information about the event was released to the public 4 days later. The bombers were caught and sentenced to 10 years jail.The hole in the boat was 6x6 feet. Fernando Pereira died stuck in his cabin and drowned.

Monday, 16 October 2017

1981 rugby game

Today was the first test All blacks vs Springbok. All blacks kick butt winning 14-9, Yes! That will push them up the leaderboard. The ticket prices were outrageous I just managed to afford them. Even though there was flour bombs being thrown into the stands And a sheer amount of fighting and racism going on I still managed to enjoy it as I am a big supporter of the all blacks. I Can’t see why it's such a big deal it's just a bit of racism from the south african government and everyone is getting so worked up about it! My neighbour Barry smith was shouting at the tv last night because of racism from south african government.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Q: What is something that was hard for you at the start of the term but is easy now?
A: Some things in maths like area of triangles.

Q: What is your favourite part of the day in our class? Why.
A: passion project. because we get to do something we are passionate about.

Q: Knowing what you know now , if you could write a letter                                                to yourself that would travel back in time so that you                                                    would receive it at the start of the school year, what                                                      advice would you give your younger self?
                                            A:  be a bit nicer to aother people.

                                               Q: What advice would you give students who will be in                                                       this class next term.
                                               A: just be nice to everybody and you will have a lot of                                                     friends and you will be happy.